Construction frustration ends with doctor arrested

By Ben Garbarek - bio | email

HANOVER, VA (WWBT) - Construction projects can be a headache for drivers and for those that live and work near the work zones. A Mechanicsville doctor's frustration over work being done on Cold Harbor Road ended with him in handcuffs.

You don't often hear about people getting arrested at construction sites but that's what happened when a local doctor decided he had had enough with trucks blocking the entrance to his practice.

Lee Davis Road and Cold Harbor Road is a busy intersection in Mechanicsville and for two weeks crews have started work to add turn lanes. That's been a headache for nearby businesses like Dr. David deBarros' Chiropractic clinic.

"Patients are complaining, calling all the time," he said.

That headache got a worse when deBarros hit a plastic barricade with his car after a patient couldn't reach his office.

This is the cone Dr. deBarros hit. He says it was an accident, but construction workers here say he did it on purpose.

Moments later the Hanover County Sheriff's Office showed up to arrest Dr. deBarros and the whole thing was recorded on his cell phone.

Officer: "We have a warrant for your arrest."
deBarros: "That's fine, take me to court. For what reason?"
Officer: "You need to go with us now."

deBarros was later charged with misdemeanor vandalism after his arrest at his office.

"It's very embarrassing to be arrested, handcuffed," deBarros said. "Very embarrassing and something I don't want to go through anymore."

The Sheriff's Office says this was the second time officers had to go to his office and deBarros was arrested instead of given a citation because he would not cooperate with their investigation during the first visit. Asked if he would handle the situation differently, deBarros says he has no regrets.

"Absolutely not," he said. "I'd do it again. I'd do it again because, you know what, I have rights and my rights have been violated up to this point. Nobody is protecting my rights."

deBarros posted bail and was released yesterday. Dr. deBarros says his business has gone down 23 percent since construction started two weeks ago.

The Sheriff's Office says it plans to add extra patrols near Cold Harbor Road to help drivers with the new detours. Construction is scheduled to continue through August.

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