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Meet the Snowcaster of the year

By Andrew Freiden - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) – We recently asked you to predict when Richmond will see its first inch of snow. We didn't know we'd get our answer this soon, but one Chesterfield teen's prediction was almost spot on- after we got snow this week. 

Andrew Freiden: Our big winner this year in the Snowcaster of the Year competition is a young winner. He's a senior at Manchester High School, the pride of Manchester High School, Jason Endries. Congratulations.

Jason Endries:
Thank you.

Andrew Freiden: How in the world did you pick it? You didn't just pick it close, you got it exact. You said December 13th at 10:00 a.m. How did you come up with that forecast?

Jason Endries:
Basically a week ago I was looking at the models and weather blogs that I follow, and they're actually saying a snowstorm was supposed to happen this weekend, and as the days went on that wasn't supposed to happen, so I was thinking, okay, well it was end in snow because it looks like the cold air was going to come in quickly enough and that didn't happen either, but what got us was the wrap around moisture.

Andrew Freiden: So with a little bit of cheating in that you were looking at the forecast models when you made your prediction, and as we've learned in the world of weather, sometimes it doesn't work out exactly how we think, but you got it right here, so congratulations and that brings to us a point here. You are a weather guy and you're going to go study meteorology next year at college, right?

Jason Endries:
  I would like to. I've already gotten into Penn State actually and into the weather program there, so we'll see what happens with the other colleges I've applied to.

Andrew Freiden: That's very cool, one of the best. If people don't know, one of the best forecasting universities in the country. Jason, congratulations and we're going to present you here with your award. First of all, it's face time on NBC12 and a very summer-like NBC12 visor that you can wear when you're running cross country for Manchester when the conditions warrant it later in the year.

Jason Endries:
Thank you.

Andrew Freiden: And congratulations. There he is, your Snowcaster of the Year, 2010, Jason Endries a student at Manchester High School. 

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