NBC12 Viewpoint: Think. Shop. Buy Local.

By Don Richards, NBC12 Regional Vice President and General Manager

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Finally, after two years of pain, retailers are feeling a bit better about holiday shopping this season. That's good news for our local storeowners, but we can do even more.

Instead of shopping for everything online, consider buying some gifts locally. Put down the iPad. Leave the den. Get in the car. Visit an actual retailer.

Why? You'll get personalized service for one. Plus The Retail Merchants Association of Richmond estimates that for every dollar we spend with a local business, about 45 cents stays here and helps our local economy.

In fact, the Retail Merchants has a campaign called "Think. Shop. Buy Local."

You can check out the list of over 500 local businesses who participate at their web site, www.thinkshopbuylocal.com. Many offer gift ideas and discounts.

So, to be good for goodness sake, put down the mouse, leave the house and Think. Shop. Buy. Local.

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