Sister of shooting victim gives eyewitness account

By Laura Geller
Posted by Shawn Maclauchlan

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - We're learning a lot more about what happened inside the Henrico home where a police officer shot a man Friday morning.

The victim is still in the hospital, but his sister is talking. She saw the whole thing happen.

Blood spatter stains the couch and table in the room where Sharon Glass' brother Deano was shot. A piece of the wall, pierced with a bullet, is now missing. This all started Friday morning when Glass' brother, diagnosed with bipolar disorder, stopped taking his medicine.

"The case manager came in right behind me and said 'we're here to take you to the hospital.' My brother gets up from here, had to walk all through this and come here to where his box was sitting and the next thing, gun shot!" said Glass.

Glass explains her brother had pulled out a toy pellet gun - and that's what prompted police to fire.

This isn't Deano's first interaction with police. Glass says when he's been in a manic state before, authorities have had to use a taser on him, but nothing has ever reached this level.

The situation continued to escalate. The bomb squad was called in and seven nearby homes evacuated after officers found what they called suspicious items inside the same box where Deano keeps his toy gun . Glass says her brother never used the word bomb and can explain the confusion.

"He takes tape and takes different kinds of weights, whatever he can find to exercise on his wrists and his legs. When he comes in he just throws them in the box.

Now as she tries to pick up the pieces in a room where her brother will no longer stay when released from the hospital, Glass wonders if this could have been prevented.

"I think it would have made a difference if they would have said freeze or stop."

A standard internal investigation is underway to determine if the shooting was justified.

Glass says police also took computer software, the toy gun and a smashed watch from her home. No word yet on any charges.

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