Chester neighbors want answers about building that collapsed

By Melissa Correa - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - Friday we talked with Craig Gard. He lives in one of the homes in the Chester Village Green Community. Every morning he drives past an unfinished construction site where a building collapsed more than two years ago. Gard is angry nothing's been done since then.

Right now concrete walls and a garden of weeds sit in the heart of Chester Village Green.

"This whole area is just full of small businesses," said Gard. "And this kind of detracts from that area."

Craig Gard is tired of waiting for the McBar Realty Group, which is selling the property, to do something with the half-acre lot.

"As you can see, it looks like something you would see in a third world country really," he said.

Every few feet there is a no trespassing sign. But the orange fence meant to keep people out is now on the ground. A free-standing hallway is where Craig said he's seen kids play with building materials left behind.

"I've seen kids playing in there or roller skating in there," explained Gard. "I mean I know it says no trespassing but that's not going to stop a 10-year old kid from roller-skating on a piece of concrete."

Glass, exposed re-bar and pipes are spotted from the street.

"I think it's a shame to leave it like this for more than two years," said Gard.

We checked with Chesterfield County building inspectors. They say they come out periodically to check the site. From a safety stand-point, the property is in compliance.

We called the two phone numbers listed on the real estate signs. One phone number was disconnected, the other went straight to voicemail.

All signs indicate the property is for sale, but Craig thinks something should be done until then.

McBar Realty Group did not return our phone calls.

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