Two more stolen pit bull puppies found, One still missing

By Nicole Bell - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

HOPEWELL, VA (WWBT) – There are several new developments in the case of those stolen pit bull puppies in Hopewell. Police have tracked down two more of the missing dogs. And the man charged in the crime is now out of jail.

In all, five of the six stolen animals have been recovered and for the first time since being snatched out of their pen last month, the dogs are back with their owner, Chris Raymer. He's hopeful, the one pup that's still missing will be found soon.

"They're brothers and sisters and I'd like to have all them back together," said Raymer.

Three of the stolen animals were found within in days. Two more were recently discovered. Police say one was sold for $50 to a resident at a mobile home park on Jeff Davis Highway in Chesterfield. Another was dumped in the yard of 82-year-old Walter Duesberry in Hopewell.

"I heard the puppy hollering in the yard. So I went out and couldn't find it and the next day I seen it in the yard," said Duesberry.

Duesberry says the animal looked frightened and familiar. He called 911.

"It looked like it matched the one on TV so I called police," said Duesberry.

Police arrested James Bostic in connection to the crime. He's charged with buying and receiving stolen goods. We wanted to know how Bostic allegedly came in possession of the stolen pups --  so we went to his home and asked.

Nicole Bell:  "Hi James."
James Bostic: "How you doing?"
Nicole Bell: "I'm  Nicole with Channel 12. We're doing a story today about the pit bulls and I want to be fair...."
James Bostic: "No no questions."
Nicole Bell: "Can I leave you some information?"
James Bostic: "No. Have a nice day."

Bostic had no comment about the charges he's facing.

Police say he admitted he knew the six pit bull puppies were stolen when he accepted them during some type of deal. It's still unclear exactly who stole the puppies. Police say the matter is still under investigation.

Bostic is slated to appear in court Friday morning for a preliminary hearing. If you have any information on that one puppy that's still missing contact Hopewell Police.

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