NBC12 obtains dramatic 911 call from Louisa beating case

By Tara Morgan - bio | email

LOUISA, VA (WWBT) - NBC12 has obtained the dramatic 911 call that set the stage for jurors in a high profile beating case in Louisa county.

20-year-old Remone Houchens was convicted Friday of savagely beating 87-year-old Lois Rosson during a home invasion and robbery back in May. The jury recommended a 30 year prison sentence.

At the beginning of the trial, prosecutors played the 911 call Rosson made that fateful morning. At 2:47 a.m., a battered and bloodied Lois Rosson called 911 after what prosecutors called everyone's worst nightmare.

"911 what is your emergency? Yes, please get the police for me a man just broke in to my home," said Rosson to the 911 dispatcher.

With fear in her voice...

"Hurry, please hurry," said Rosson.

Rosson begged a dispatcher to send police. The intruder, later identified as Remone Houchens, busted through Rosson's glass door and went straight for her bedroom.

"He just broke in my house and I was sleeping and he dragged me out of bed and hit me in the face. He tried to do everything to me. He tried to rape me. I'm a nervous wreck," said Rosson.

Rosson called out for her late husband, a move that prosecutors say likely saved her life.      

"He blacked my eye. He beat me up terrible. He was getting ready to rape me when I screamed for my husband upstairs," said Rosson.

At that point, Houchens left. At the time, Rosson lived alone. But had kept her late husband's 22 caliber close by.

"I can't find my gun. I was going to shoot him if I find my gun but I can't find it," said Rosson.

Houchens stole it and sold the weapon for $95. Prosecutors said not only did Rosson lose sight in her left eye that morning, she lost the sanctity and security of her home.

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