Hanover adding $5 to fine for speeding tickets

By Sunni Blevins - bio | email

HANOVER, VA (WWBT) - Starting next year, you'll have to pay more if you are caught speeding or violating other traffic laws in Hanover County.  The additional $5 fee is expected to generate an extra $65,000 each year to support the Sheriff's Office training academy.

Five bucks isn't like enough money to encourage anybody to slow down, but that money will add up quickly when it comes to helping the people who protect you.

Those who live and work in Mechanicsville say there's no doubt people want to get where they're going, and fast.

Erin Wingate who works in Hanover says, "Mechanicsville is very high traffic; people are always trying to get somewhere, so yeah, speeding is definitely an issue."

The county noticed that too, and now those speeding or breaking other traffic laws in Hanover will have to shell out a little bit extra to support the Sheriff's Office's Training Academy.

A spokesperson from the Board of Supervisors says it just makes good sense: forcing those who break the law to help pay to train those who enforce it.  The general assembly recently adopted legislation that allows localities to impose a fee like this.  The $5 per infraction will be in addition to other fees already associated with traffic violations. County leaders expect an extra 65 thousand dollars to come in each year.

Katherine Wingate, who works in Hanover, says, "$5 will probably add up quickly, so I'm sure they will be able to use that revenue to help further training, and to protect the community, so it probably will be a positive thing."

The Hanover BOS unanimously approved this idea, and it will take effect on January 1.

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