December 9: Restaurant Report

By Heather Sullivan - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Restaurant health inspections are tough. Even a dripping sink is a critical violation, as a Mexican restaurant quickly learned, and quickly had fixed.

Cielito Lindo Mexican Restaurant, 4702 Forest Hill Avenue in Richmond, prides itself on serving authentic Mexican meals that are different from the rest.

"We have a pork taco that's been selling incredibly. I think we have been running it a month and people have said they don't want us to take it out. I tried to change it, but they say 'no keep it a little longer,'" said Jose Roman with Cielito Lindo.

They made fast changes when they had 4 critical violations on a health inspection, including that a repair to the hand sink was not in accordance with the law.

"There was a small leak that was here," explained Roman.

Roman showed us the sink has been fixed and showed us how foods are properly dated in the fridge, "usually the inspector is looking for the date and we are supposed to have the seven days from the date is put in the reach-in."

Raw eggs were moved to a lower shelf to make sure they can't drip on other foods. Violations were corrected while the inspector was still on site.

Moving to Henrico, Bar Louie Richmond at 11788 West Broad Street had 4 critical violations. The report says some foods in the refrigerator were not cold enough. The restaurant now has new coolers.

Bar Louie Restaurant Operations sent us a statement saying, "Bar Louie Restaurant Operations hold the health and safety of our guests and employees as our number one priority. We strive to correct all Health Department infractions as quickly as possible and with the utmost seriousness. As a further avenue to constantly improve this aspect of our operations, we use a third party company to routinely audit our restaurants at the highest level for health and safety. Our company and the outstanding individuals that work within it work diligently on a daily basis to keep our restaurants a shining example of health, safety and quality for our guests. All critical violations were immediately addressed and fixed."

This week's NBC12 Hall of Fame Award goes to Arby's at 5108 Nine Mile Road. You can see how clean the kitchen is. The restaurant has earned perfect scores on six out its last seven health inspections.

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