Louisa jury finds Houchens guilty in beating of elderly woman

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LOUISA, VA (WWBT) - A guilty verdict in the severe beating of an elderly Louisa county woman. Jail house phone calls by Remone Houchens were released today after a jury found him guilty of beating Lois Rosson. A 30 year sentence was recommended.

Remone Houchens apologized to Lois Rosson on the witness stand Friday. Her family seemed content with his statement, but the commonwealths says he's only sorry he got caught.

Even after a jury convicted 20-year-old Remone Houchens of beating Lois Rosson, he told the court quote, "I'm sorry Damien did that to her."

Prosecutors pointed out Houchens had repeatedly stated he acted alone. They have jail phone calls to prove it. This is Remone talking to his brother, Rontray.

Rontay: "So were you by yourself or was someone else with you?"
Remone: "I was by myself. I swear to God I was by myself."

Then his girlfriend.

Remone's girlfriend: "Are you sure nobody was with you baby?"
Remone: "I'm not lying. Nobody was with me. Why?"
Remone's girlfriend: "Because Rontray told me texted me. I heard Damien did it."
Remone: "Damien? Last time I saw Damien was when he popped up baby I swear to God nobody was with me."

And later his mother. She asked, "Who was with you?" He responded, "Ma, nobody was with me."

Prosecutors told jurors Houchens and others concocted a story to set up another person. But the only DNA found on Rosson's door, her gun that Houchens stole, and her nightgown was Houchens.

"By virtue of DNA and by virtue of his conversations there's no doubt in my mind, so what I see is someone who is sorry they got caught," said Louisa Commonwealth's Attorney Tom Garrett.

Lois Rosson's son says he believes Houchens has some remorse. With the guilty verdict and recommended 30 year sentence, her family says they can now begin to heal.

"My grandmother is a wonderful person. I'm sorry you can't know her personally but she'd give you the shirt off her back. She'd feed you if you were hungry and I think justice was done today," said Monica Robertson, Lois Rosson's granddaughter.

Houchens will be formally sentenced on February 14th.

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