Worst warehouse buys: 5 bad deals

By Jennifer Warnick - bio | email
Posted by Phil Riggan – email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - You pay a membership fee up-front to shop at a warehouse store like B.J.'s or Sam's Club, so you expect to save money, right?

NBC12 has learned there are five things you just should never get at Sam's Club or B.J.'s. Let's explore why certain items will cost you more in the long run.

The boxes are huge, pallets are stacked to the ceiling and with so much inventory, you assume you'll get the best price.

"Sometimes you have to have a coupon with the sale to beat the warehouse store prices but sometimes a simple sale in a supermarket will beat club stores," said professional shopper Teri Gault. She would know and she shared five things she never buys in warehouse stores.

Number 1, breakfast cereal.

"Cereal, for example, can cost half as much on sale in a supermarket than in a warehouse club store," she said.

Number 2, canned vegetables. Coupons for these items are usually a $1 off two, three or four cans. Warehouses often sell them in packs of eight or more.

"The cost per can is often much more than the supermarket when the supermarket is on sale with coupons especially at special times like Thanksgiving," she said.

Number 3, salad dressing.

"Salad dressing is something that they sell in gigantic bottles and it often goes to waste because you can't finish it all at once" or before it goes bad, she said.

Number 4, individually wrapped frozen food, like hot pockets.

They're not absolutely necessary, but they're quick and easy. The manufacturers count on coupons to move the product. So you'll get a better deal when you can match a sale with an available coupon.

And Number 5, toothpaste and deodorant. Health and beauty products typically go on sale every 12 weeks, giving you plenty of time to use your coupons. If you wait for the right sale, you might get it absolutely free.

So what are some things you should buy at warehouse stores? You'll often find better deals on eggs and cheese at warehouse stores.  Also consider warehouse stores for heavy duty paper plates and cups, fancy frozen party appetizers, and birthday cakes.

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