Deadline for mailing to Iraq, Afghanistan nears

By Gene Petriello - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - If you are looking to send a package to someone serving in Iraq or Afghanistan, you better get to it. Saturday is the last day you can send your gift to make sure it makes it before Christmas.

At least 60 tons of boxes made their way to loved ones serving overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan last year alone. And, if you want to be apart of the growing number of boxes heading over there this year, you need to act quick. The deadline to get these boxes overseas is rapidly approaching.

Larry Palmer knows a little something about getting a package during the holidays. The Vietnam Vet spent two holiday seasons overseas.

"It's like receiving a piece of home. Not being there, but getting a piece of it," he said. "If it's from mom, you see mom in that package. Her love is there."

In fact, he's already sent one of the boxes, stocked up, to his son serving right now, with the necessary customs form included. That's just what everyone overseas looks for after battling in the trenches everyday.

"It's very important, Number 1 for the day, mail call,' says Palmer. "You look forward to it everyday."

Everyday, the workers at the Richmond Post Office, and post offices across the country, are busy getting those last minute packages out.

"It's a war zone and that changes the entire complexity of it all. Even though they are going to military based and through customs," says Cathy Boule with the USPS.

In the past few days, postal workers say the number of boxes going overseas has increased, and you can bet that'll continue until the December 4 deadline.

For the service men and women serving now, Larry knows even the smallest holiday cheer can go a long way. "Some note to say I love you, miss you, because it's a very lonely place overseas during the holidays," he said.

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