New app for City Parking

By Evrod Cassimy – bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – If you're tired of looking for change to pay for parking don't worry, there's an app for that! A new service announced today, let's you pay for parking on your smartphone! Lots typically require cash to put into a paybox to pay for parking. But now you can skip the box, and pay by phone as you continue about your business. The days of looking for change to feed the meter are behind us as a new private parking company announces a more convenient way to pay for your parking spot. Now a quick phone call will help you pay for a space to park your car.

"Richmond is the first city in Virginia to offer pay by phone parking and that is the most convenient way to now pay for your parking," said City Parking spokesman, David Sharrar.

The green signs for the mobile parking payment are posted on 9 out of 24 parking lots owned by City Parking. If you see one of the signs they let you know that you can pay easily using your cell phone and now even an app on your smart phone. Using this new service is quite simple. Once you park in the lot you can make the quick phone call to pay. It's similar to what the City of Richmond already has in place for its meters but drivers we spoke with didn't seem to be too excited about this new feature.

"We'll just have to wait and see in the long run how it works out," said driver, Carlton Smith. "It might and it might not but I have a feeling it would cause a bit of confusion."

"I always keep spare change in my car so it's always a smooth run for me when it comes time to get change," said driver, Dunhree Davis.

But for people who do plan on using the service, you'll want to download the app and get registered before trying to pay by phone. And if you can't wait until the official launch of the new service on Wednesday, most city parking lots have it up and running today. This new service is available for more than 700 spaces in the downtown Richmond area, just look for the green sign. City Parking has surface lots and garage parking lots as well.

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