Car window shattered spontaneously in Chesterfield

By Tara Morgan - bio | email
CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) -  A Chesterfield man is looking for answers after the back window on his son's car shattered, spontaneously!

We found out, other people across the nation have had similar experiences.

One minute his back window is in tact, the next, glass is everywhere!

 Nate Voli says he wasn't anywhere near his Ford Escape when he heard what he first thought was a gunshot!

Shattered glass littered the Voli's garage.

It was the mess 17 year old Nate Voli found moments after he heard an explosion.

"I was in the house with the TV on and it still sounded like the loudest pop ever," said Voli.

Voli said he parked his 2005 Ford Escape in the garage after returning home from an errand.

The garage door was down and he was in his house no longer than 20 minutes, when he thought a gunshot rang out.

"I kind of heard like it ricocheting almost like marbles on the ground," said Voli.

What was on the ground,  his rear window.  A piece of it lodged into the garage door.

The mechanism that raises it popped outward.

Voli isn't the only one. shows many others had same problem with their Ford Escape and not just the 2005 model.

Other drivers blamed the problem on Ford.

"Some people were driving some people had their cars parked some people say it was cold weather that did it," said Voli.

I reached out to the car maker.

A Ford spokesman said this is something the company has seen, but not just with their cars, other brands too.

But that there is no trend of a defect with Ford vehicles.

The spokesman says there could be several explanations from hot and cold weather to impact.

Voli says he hadn't been in an accident recently.

He now has a new window covered by his insurance.

 "I'm really glad I wasn't in the garage when it happened," said Voli.

The Ford spokesman said there are strict regulations when it comes to the glass on vehicles to protect consumers from injury.

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