Police to stop directing traffic outside Chesterfield school

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Posted by Phil Riggan – email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - A Chesterfield high school has kept parents on pins and needles for nearly a week.  Parents were concerned a police officer would no longer direct traffic outside Manchester High School.

Traffic backs up around the school located on Bailey Bridge Road near Hull Street.  Parents worried the problems could get worse if a traffic officer is removed.

Bailey Bridge Road is busy for one hour during the morning and one hour in the afternoon as students, teachers and buses make their way to Manchester High School.  Parents, more scared than angry, don't want to lose their traffic cop.

Someone will still direct traffic outside Manchester High School, it just won't be an on-duty Chesterfield police officer.

"If the police officer is gone of course people are going to be doing all kinds of things," explained parent Kimberly Hastings- Bueche.  "Making left turns, right turns and doing whatever they want."

Monday morning two moms explain why a lone officer with her whistle and her orange wand is so important.

"A little fender bender can do a lot of damage," explained parent Kim Phelps.  "If there isn't anybody hurt they're at least going to be late for school."

Kim Phelps has worried for nearly a week -- upset over an email sent out by Manchester High.

"It just says that the school wants you to be very careful because as of December 6 there will no longer be an officer here," said Phelps.

That caused many parents to worry about how buses, cars and students sprinting across Bailey Bridge Road would get to Manchester high in one piece.

"We have five schools and a daycare center on this road," said Hastings-Bueche.

Chesterfield police say some schools are paying off-duty policemen while others, like Manchester, get the service for free.  Police will orchestrate drivers until winter break.   After that, Manchester's school resource officer will tame traffic.

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