Mother pleads guilty on charges stemming from confronting bully on school bus

By Ben Garbarek - bio | email

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - A Henrico County mother accused of confronting students on her child's school bus pleaded guilty Monday morning to two charges.

Angelica Mills, 30, was sentenced to 30 days for assault and 10 days in jail for trespassing.

She said she got on the bus to talk to a girl who was bullying her daughter.

Darlene Wallington's grand-daughter Denecia was the target of Mills' tirade after she says she told Mills' daughter to move over on the bus.

Darlene says justice prevailed.

"She admitted she was wrong," she said.  "We, being the people we are, people of God with a forgiving heart, forgive her for everything she has done and knowing that she made a mistake and everything is going to be okay."

Mills tearfully addressed the court saying "I feel that I was wrong for what I did and want to apologize to the little girl for what I did."

A judge sentenced Mills to 30 days in jail for the assault charge and 10 days for the trespassing charge, but that sentence was suspended, meaning Mills will only go to jail if she does not go to her court-ordered anger management or gets on another school bus.

Wallington hopes this case serves as an example for all parents.

"You cannot handle issues in your own hands," she said. "She need to take it to the school and let the school handle it instead of us, as adults, come and threaten a child."

Mills' attorney said in court her client learned her lesson and said she'd bet a $1 million Mills wouldn't do it again.

Wallington hopes she's right.

"This is a child," she said. "This is no adult so you need to handle it like an adult and speak to the school and let the school take care of it."

A misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct was dismissed.

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