Christmas Decoration Safety

By Sunni Blevins - bio | email

Posted by Sean Van Damme email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) We see it every year, house fires caused by Christmas decorations.  Most families will be bringing a Christmas tree into their homes in the next couple of weeks, without making sure that their houses are ready for it.

Joe Vilseck and his family were at Francisco Farms tree lot in Bon Air.  Joe, Beverly and Jamie agreed to let us and a couple of guys from Michael and Son Services follow them home to search for fire dangers.  Once inside, the experts pointed out several problems.  First up, a loose outlet that could lead to sparks and therefore fire.  It was a two minute fix that you can do in your home.

"That's safe enough for any home owner to be able to do that, just check it out and tighten a couple of screws," Joe Mummert said.

Before the tree went up, another fire hazard was spotted: a felt-front speaker needed to be moved and finally, keep that tree far away from drapes and curtains.  All things Joe Vilseck says he wouldn't have considered if we weren't there.

"I probably wouldn't have checked the outlet, and I probably would have pushed the tree back against the drapes some.  I'll be honest with you." Said Joe Vilseck.

Another safety tip for you, the electricians we spoke with recommend always using a surge protector.