Chesterfield neighborhood asks you not to feed the ducks

By Melissa Correa - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) – It's not uncommon for folks to come out to the Swift Creek Reservoir to feed ducks. But the Brandermill Community Association doesn't want you to feed the waterfowl.

Once Sarah Sheridan starts, she doesn't dare stop feeding the waterfowl. Her mom, Pam, knows what will happen if she does.

"They chase us around for it," explained Pam Sheridan. "They're coming after us if we don't keep up with the food."

For more than a decade the Sheridan's have sprinkled their spare breads into Swift Creek. Wednesday afternoon Pam's eyes nearly fell out as she saw for the first-time the new sign: "Please don't feed the waterfowl," read Sheridan. "Does that include seagulls?"

Roland Costa is just as stunned. Today he's treating his out-of-town grandsons to a toss-off.

"Well we just get some small pieces of food," explained 8-year-old Joshua Menichetti. "We just through it at them and they just come running up and get it."

Pint-size Joshua Menichetti sees no problem with his selection of fowl food.

"It might be bad to throw something other than bread," Menichetti.

But Brandermill sees a problem with feeding waterfowl. A feeding frenzy may keep them at Swift Creek, creating an un-natural habitat. A concentration of them means disease can spread faster, and then there's the unwelcome gifts left on boats and along the shore.

"If they like to walk right at the waters edge, yeah I guess that would be a nuisance," said Sam Rodgers. "But most of the time we stay on the paths."

Rodgers scrapes the stuff every couple of weeks.

"I think they're fine. It's a bird sanctuary. They're pretty to watch. I don't worry about it too much."

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