NBC12 Viewpoint: Shopping district & Carytown Place

By Don Richards, NBC12 Regional Vice President and General Manager

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - I am in Carytown frequently. I do business with locally owned shops there from dry cleaning to restaurants.

One thing is certain. The business owners I know have never once said that they simply have too many customers. They may have survived the recession but it isn't easy street.

Developers want to take a 50-year-old empty building on the western edge of Carytown and turn it into a shopping destination called Carytown Place.

They aren't saying who the tenants will be just yet. But you can be assured that they will be retailers and restaurants who believe they can draw new customers into the area.

Yes, traffic and neighborhood concerns must be addressed. Aesthetics are important too, although the existing building isn't exactly an architectural gem. But this project will represent a significant retail investment in the city of Richmond.

Carytown's future as a retail magnet is not guaranteed, any more than it was for retailers on Broad and Grace Streets back in the day.

City Council will soon have an opportunity to approve the project and help ensure Carytown's place on our future holiday shopping lists.

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