Father of missing teen speaks out

Lee Etta Powers
Lee Etta Powers

By Evrod Cassimy – bio | email

DINWIDDIE, VA (WWBT) – A tearful plea tonight from a local dad. He wants his teenage daughter, home safe and sound.

15-year-old Lee Etta Powers never came home from Dinwiddie Junior High School yesterday -- and tonight, police are still trying to find her. Lee Etta's parents last saw her as she got on the school bus to go to Dinwiddie Junior High School; however, she never got back on that bus to go home.

"I just love my baby and I want her home," said father, Richard Powers.

Powers gets emotional just thinking about what could have happened to his missing daughter, 15-year-old Lee Etta Powers. She's been missing only since Monday but not coming home for more than a day isn't like her. Every time the phone rings Richard hopes to hear his daughter on the other end.

"I'm right here hanging by this phone all night long this phone," said Richard. "I've been up all night. This phone right here is my source. It don't get easy. You just gotta hold it. It don't get easy."

Richard last saw Lee Etta in her bedroom Monday morning before school. He woke her up to catch the school bus and tells us everything was fine then. A day later he is heartbroken at the thought of her never coming back.

"Oh God man I don't know if I could live with myself I'll be honest with you....I don't know," said Richard.

Police and relatives tell us Lee Etta has run away before. Richard even tells us investigators searched her room and found a note in a drawer that read "Love you both, tell PJ I love him forever."

The tone of the note, has Richard worried, and praying that his daughter is still safe.

"I just want my little girl home, you know? Safe and home." Said Richard.

If you have any information about where Lee Etta Powers could be call Dinwiddie Crime Solvers and make an anonymous tip, that number is 861-1212.

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