Fighting scams:

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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – If you are not careful, you could be the next victim of a scam. The United States Postal Service is confident, the more you know about fraud, the less likely you are to become a victim.

The postal service has a new website designed to stop criminals and to give you a heads up on scams before they hit your mailbox.

Postal Inspector, Michael Romano has seen all types of postal scams. He's hoping a new website, DeliveringTrust.Com will produce less victims. The website, created by the postal service, is just another tool in their efforts to stop criminals. The goal is to get the word out  before you get duped.

"When we educate the consumer, make them aware of it, we find that statistically the scam and schemes number go down," Romano said.

Romano says the website is easy to use. It's not jammed with a bunch of links, just basic need to know information about the latest scams and how to protect yourself. features eight educational, and what Romano calls, "entertaining videos."

"People can just sit and watch as to how the scheme happens as opposed to sit and reading a bunch of text about it," he said.

We've told you about the fraudulent letters hitting your mailbox -- now you can lookout for something helpful -- the new flier is being mailed to millions of people, it's a simple campaign hoping for some big results.

"It is one of largest mailings in U.S. history, it's gone to over 129 million households," said Romano.

With such a massive mailing, odds are that a crook will probably get one of the mailers. The Postal Inspector says that would be a good thing.

"We are reminding them that any type of offense that involves the U.S. mail, postal inspectors are investigating these, these are federal offenses," he said.

If caught, criminals will be prosecuted. Romano adds, a large number of scams don't start with the U.S. mail, but begin online or over the phone. The scams may change from time to time -- but Romano says the warning signs, like "it sounds to good to be true," or you are pressured to act "right away," remain the same.

"These scammers will target anyone and everyone, no one is immune, yeah there are scams out there to target the elderly but there also scams out there to target young college kids," he stated.

If you haven't gotten your mailer, you should get it soon. But you don't have to wait, you can visit the website now -- DeliveringTrust.Com.

The flier campaign runs through November 30.

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