What Lincoln is Thinkin' - Inside access to Hamlin's trailer and hauler

By Matt Lincoln

Day two in the books from Homestead - there have definitely been some interesting developments.

Hamlin is going to have to drive through the field to win the championship. I know, hypothetically, that Hamlin can finish 20th, and still win the championship. But, I don't think there is any way that all three of the drivers have a bad day Sunday. While Hamlin has to pass 37 guys to get to the front, I do not think that will be too difficult. With how fast he has been driving, Hamlin will be near the top ten by the first pit stop.

Its always funny to watch who gets along off the track. But it can also be interesting to see who gets along off the television. Marty Smith and Mike Massaro are ESPN's top NASCAR reporters. You'd think that maybe they wouldn't be the best of friends (because of competition for assignments, top billing, etc) but they were very chummy today. Massaro did an interview with Joe Gibbs today, and someone didn't check the audio, and it was unusable. Good to see it happens to all of us.

Danica Patrick held her press conference today and there were very few media members paying attention. I found it interesting because I was at Daytona, and you would've thought Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey's love child was racing. Just goes to show you how quickly the hot story can grow cold.

I really need to thank Denny's parents Dennis (Dad) and MaryLou (MamaLou). They gave me a tour around Denny's motorhome (he has a TV in his shower, and a great picture of himself drinking crystale with Michael Jordan) and then also bringing me inside the hauler. Those are two places that fans and media guys don't usually get to go into.

Tomorrow I'm not spending too much time at the track - but I will be talking to fans, to see if non-Virginians will be rooting for Denny.