"Policy violation" shuts down UR sorority

By Yvette Yeon - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A sorority chapter at the University of Richmond campus has been shut down for good after an investigation by the national organization. It was over what they're calling a "policy violation."

Council members at the national level all flew to Richmond to address the violation that was made among the sisters of Alpha Chi Omega.

"It was related to risk management policies and it wasn't accord with our standards and expectations," said Executive Director, Cheri O'Neill.

Freshman, Kellyn Campbell, is pursuing sorority life on campus and noticed the change.

"I think that everyone just feels bad that this had to happen," said Campbell.

She said an Alpha Chi Omega booth was set up just this past Sunday, days before she found out about the closing.

"It was really weird I mean especially since you're thinking far as thing about rushing we were thinking there were six choices, now there's give, it's just kind of weird," said Campbell.

"It was an incredibly difficult decision, this is the most difficult thing our national counsel can do they weigh this very heavily something we never want to do, deeply regret when it has to happen," said O'Neill.

The local chapter website is still online. But O'Neill said the results of the investigation are final.

"If a closure is ever a possibility there's always are investigation that has to go along with that to understand the situation, the facts, then there's also giving the opportunity for the women to respond letting them be heard and then a final determination is made," said O'Neill.

None of the members of Alpha Chi Omega were expelled from the University of Richmond.

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