NBC12 Viewpoint: Proper disposal of unneeded prescription drugs

By Don Richards, NBC12 Regional Vice President and General Manager

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - Do you remember the public service messages that asked parents the simple question "Do you know where your children are?" The question could be changed in 2010 to "do you know where your prescription drugs are?"

A recent survey of Chesterfield teens revealed that the abuse of prescription drugs is higher here than the national average, especially among high school seniors. The teens frequently get their drugs right out of their parents or grandparents medicine cabinet.

Last weekend Chesterfield County and Colonial Heights participated in the American Medicine Chest Challenge. In Chesterfield the group known as SAFE, Substance Abuse Free Environment, teamed up with Chesterfield Police to operate a prescription drug disposal center.

In one day over 500 pounds of prescription drugs were dropped off for environmentally safe disposal.

Although the event is over, the problem is certainly not. If you have teenagers and prescription drugs in your home take the extra step of locking them up. The drugs that is.

For more information on how to dispose of your old or un-needed prescription drugs you can visit the website www.chesterfieldsafe.org.

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