Burglar alarm scares off crook

By Evrod Cassimy – bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – A crook's smash and grab was brought to a screeching halt in Richmond. Someone kicked in the backdoor of a home in the 300 block of Overbrook Road, that's in Richmond's Battery Park. But once the door was smashed in, "something" tripped up the thief. This story proves just how effective a burglar alarm can be in your home.

You've seen ADT signs on homes before. One was also on the victim's house but the crook ignored it and broke in anyway. The minute the alarm sounded, he knew he'd picked the wrong house.

The damage done to the back door of the Battery Park home is clearly visible after crooks kicked their way inside. Scott Meyers and his roommate, the president of the Battery Park Civic Association, have lived there for 11 years and were surprised to find out their home has been broken into.

"I was pretty upset," said Meyers. "I was more concerned about my animals than my property but I was upset about it."

Meyers tells NBC12 that his home is one of the few home in Battery Park that has a working burglar alarm. He believes that that's what scared the crooks off causing them to leave empty handed.

"They were probably going for the biggest electronics they could find but luckily they weren't able to carry anything off," said Meyers.

The two consider themselves lucky. The broken door will likely only cost $600 to fix. They would have been out even more money if they had to replace items stolen from inside. Meyers asked that we not show more than the damaged back door of his home so other crooks don't get any ideas.

"Just make sure your alarms and programmed," he said.

These are Meyer's words of advice for neighbors in this community as we talked on his porch. He's thankful that their ADT investment paid off. Richmond Police do not have any one in custody for this crime. If you have any information that can help them, call Crime Stopper at 780-1000.

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