What Lincoln is Thinkin' - Thursday night in Homestead

by Matt Lincoln

I'm wrapping up my first day in Southern Florida for the final race... here are just a few of my thoughts from today.

Hamlin, Harvick and Johnson definitely like each other

There's no question that Harvick is jealous of Johnson and his four titles, he admitted at today's press conference at the Hyatt Regency that it bothers him that someone can be dominant in this sport at this time.  But other than that, these guys have a high mutual respect. The press conference began with a video montage of the best "Boys, have at it" moments of the year.   There was a lot of Johnson vs. Gordon, Burton vs. Busch, Logano vs. Harvick, and plenty of others.  But for the most part, other than Harvick's Golden Horseshoe comment, these guys have laid off each other.  When asked whether one of them would wreck the other purposefully to get a championship, Johnson said he wasn't sure if he would, Hamlin said he wouldn't risk his reputation for a championship, and Harvick admitted, that he would do anything to win a Cup.

Overall, I'm not impressed with the Homestead Miami Speedway

The palm trees are neat, and the seafoam green walls are certainly different, but overall, I'm not impressed with the 15 year old track.  Lots of people told me how nice it was going to be, but honestly, it's just another track.  This is the sixth track that I've been to, and it doesn't have the importance and immensity of Daytona, the legend and history of Darlington, or the great stadium-type setup of RIR and Bristol.

Miami is a neat town

It just has a different feel - all the Spanish language you see on signs and spoken in public buildings.  All the yellow and orange colorings on buildings.  And I had fun zooming through the radio - I heard Marc Anthony's "I Need to Know" in Spanish, and caught some of Dan LeBatard interviewing Maury Povich on his afternoon show.  Good times.

More of what I'm thinking is coming up later in the weekend.. make sure to keep checking NBC12.com and our facebook page for my photos and ramblings.