People buying Four Loko while they still can

By Ben Garbarek - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The Food and Drug Administration says drinks, like Four Loko, are unsafe. Now some local convenience stores say people are buying up the remaining drinks while they still can.

You'll still be able to buy drinks like Four Loko, but it won't have caffeine in it anymore.

Some people say they're not crazy about Four Loko being taken off the shelves.

"I like to drink them because of how drunk they get you, to be honest," said Stephen Bridges.

His friends are buying up the remaining bottles they can find.

A can of Four Loko has about as much alcohol as four beers and as much caffeine as several cups of coffee - all for two and a half bucks. Some say banning alcoholic energy drinks won't stop Four Loko fans from getting their fix.

"If people want to drink an energy drink with alcohol, they're going to do it, whether you provide it in an convenient form or not," Bridges said. "If they get rid of those, what's going to stop me from getting a Red Bull and a 40?"

Others say taking the caffeine out of Four Loko won't stop people from mixing alcohol and caffeine.

"I've been at many a restaurant and had a drink with my meal and finished it up with a cup of coffee," said Craig Elrod. "What's the difference? I don't see it."

Four Loko drinkers say they'll try to find as many drinks as they can find before it's too late.

"Everybody is going out and buying a bunch of them," Bridges said. "The plan is, if you hold on to them long enough after they stop selling them, you can either start selling them at colleges for more money or hold on to them."

The FDA has not officially banned the drink but Four Loko has already been banned in five states. It's still legal in Virginia.

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