IRS Owes Virginians $2.3M

By Yvette Yeon - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The IRS has $2.3 million in undelivered refund checks. That's to about 2,239 Virginians because of mailing address errors.

The average check is $1,046. That's up 15 percent from last year. And some people are owed more than one check.

Richmond CPA, Chris O'Keeffe, says, it's your money, why not claim it.

"There are thousands of taxpayers that don't know they have a check waiting from the IRS but because the IRS doesn't have their current mailing address they just can't send the check to them," said O'Keeffe.

O'Keeffe says the increase in returns may be due to unfamiliar tax credits like, "Making Work Pay", "Child Care", and "Residential Energy" - mostly just one time deals for 2009 tax filers.

Then there are the obvious reasons why the IRS is still holding money.

"It could be that the person either passed away or they moved and didn't leave a forwarding address, they got married and either moved," he said.

The way to find out if you are owed, is simple.

Go to and click on "Where's My Refund" and fill in the blanks.

You'll need your social security number, filing status, and the amount of refund shown on your 2009 return.

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