Cantor selected as GOP leader for upcoming Congress

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Republican Eric Cantor has officially been selected as Majority Leader for the upcoming Congress.

He said on Twitter "Honored to be selected the [Republican leader] for the 112th Congress by my colleagues."

His news release announcing the selection:

Congressman Eric Cantor (VA-07) issued the following statement after being selected by his colleagues to serve as Majority Leader for the 112th Congress. He will be the first House Majority Leader from Virginia:

"I am humbled by the trust that my colleagues have placed in me and am eager to get to work and start delivering results. I especially want to thank the new freshman class, who have made us a Majority and who have come to Washington determined to rein in an out of control government, cut spending, and get people back to work.

"Republicans now have a golden opportunity and a second chance to lead and deliver results. For the past two years, House Republicans dedicated ourselves to developing alternative solutions grounded in the time-tested principles of fiscal responsibility and small-government, offering comprehensive alternatives to every major legislative proposal offered by Democrats. During this time, I listened to people from coast-to-coast and understand how frustrated they are with Washington. They fear that the America they know and love is changing for the worse, and worry that we are on the verge of leaving our children with a country worse off than we found it. We are a nation at a crossroads, and it is our responsibility and our mandate to deliver results so that we can return America to opportunity, responsibility and success.

"This will not be a sprint of 100 days or 100 hours, but rather a long march, requiring top to bottom reform, focused on producing results in three key areas: cutting spending, shrinking the size of government while protecting liberty, and removing the cloud of uncertainty hanging over the private sector so that people can get back to work. We are ready to begin this march and start righting the ship, listening to and working in partnership with the people we are elected to serve."

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