Tree crashes into garage, leaves plenty of damage

By Gene Petriello - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - People are cleaning up today across the area after the strong winds and storms rolled through our area overnight. We caught up with one family that saw their entire garage basically destroyed.

From a distance, the damage is easy to see. But up close, the pictures we shot, show you just how bad things are.

"Come about 1:45 this morning, I nearly came two feet off the bed. I knew something was wrong. But, I didn't hear thunder," said Doug Luck.

The "thunder" Doug heard was the devastation he saw when he woke up. John Marshall also lives in the home with the garage and he saw the damage as he walked up the driveway this morning.

"Believe it or not, there's a car in there and there's a tree on top of it," says John.

He's not kidding. When we took a closer look, we were able to see John's PT Cruiser underneath the rubble. But, get this: "I've been up in there. There are no windows broken and the roof is intact," says Doug.

We checked out the tree's trunk and it was rotten and sounded hollow. "We wondered if it might come down and sure enough, it did," says John.

That wasn't the only tree to come crashing down overnight. We received pictures from a viewer showing a tree limb that went slamming through the home's skylight.

Early this morning, crews were out on Michaels Road in Henrico after some power lines dangled in the street. That left dozens without power. Similar scenes played out in different spots throughout the area.

Back where John lives, considering what your eyes see from our video posted to this story, he's still in pretty good spirits.

"Well, God, you bought me a new car," says John.

Amazingly, the big tree with all these splintered edges that came crashing down, did so without leaving a scratch on the home.

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