3% performance bonus to be approved in Chesterfield

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CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) – New information about bonuses for Chesterfield County employees. Just one day ahead of the vote, we've learned who's in line for the one-time payment -- and who may be left waiting.

The bonus will be based on this: Chesterfield County's employee evaluation. If you do not meet expectations, or are on probation, you will not be getting an extra check. And if you work for the school system, you won't even be considered.

Paying for bonuses based on performance, doesn't sit well with taxpayer Juliette Davis.

"So if you give it based on performance, the cuts that were made weren't based upon performance. The cuts were made across the board," she said.

In the last two years, Chesterfield has cut nearly 800 county and school jobs. Clover Hill Supervisor Art Warren says the employees who have stayed are doing more with less.

"My position is we need to reward those employees who have loyally stayed with the county," Warren said.

The county will survey annual evaluations for 3,400 employees. Those who make the grade will get a check soon after the bonus is approved Wednesday.

Warren expects most employees will get a bonus. But bonuses make up a small part of the 28-million dollar surplus. Most will go to a rainy day fund, and county projects. Nearly $10-million will go back to schools.

(With this 3% one-time bonus the county will not be giving that to school employees?) "No. No. That will be a decision of the school board," Warren said.

Since the school board is getting 9.5 million dollars, it technically could use that for bonuses. After all, teachers did take a pay cut this year. But with the school system out $30-million next year, Frank Cardella with the Education Association says right now, bonuses aren't an option.

"They're going to get a well-deserved bonus. We just hope that we're not going to be left out of that as well," he said.

Some of that surplus will also go to Parks and Rec. Children who want to play sports will no longer need to pay $5.00. Supervisors are set to approve the performance bonus Wednesday afternoon at a 3 p.m. work session at the county complex. Once approved, checks will be sent out to employees that qualify.

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