Passing on $300 to young mother

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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – We're passing on three hundred dollars to an entrepreneur we met at the grocery store who told us her first order of business each day is helping make someone's  life better. She's paying it forward to a young mother of four, including a special needs child, in this week's Act of Kindness.

JoAnne Colbert-Gunn called out as soon as we walked up to the Kroger's last week. She was eager to tell us about her friend Sherita Roberts, a mom who works two jobs to provide for her daughter and three sons.

"One is special needs; he stayed in the hospital two years after birth. He has a trach. He cannot talk and he's tube fed. This money to pass it on to them would be a great cause," JoAnne said.

It would be great she says to brighten up the personal space for a bright, loving little boy.

"To fix up his bedroom, $300 isn't a lot but I think it could do something; buy some new linens, a nice lamp, and perhaps a little bed, some toys," she said.

We just couldn't ignore a chance to help reach out to a little boy who's been through so much.

"Just to be able to help the child. He's 4-years-old. He's in a room. He's got all these tubes, hooked up," she explained.

We were thrilled to hook JoAnne up, with some cash for her kindness.

JoAnne Colbert-Gunn: "I am excited about this. This is the blessing for the day. Every day I try and be a blessing."
Sabrina Squire: "Joanne, you're so beautiful. Here's 100, 200, 300 dollars to pass on." 
JoAnne Colbert-Gunn: "Come on let's go."

Well first we want to be sure we catch up with this busy mom. It took a couple calls before JoAnne got connected.

JoAnne Colbert-Gunn: "She's at home. Are we going?"
Sabrina Squire: "Let's go."

We follow JoAnne to her friend home in south Richmond. Sherita has just a few minutes in between jobs. Just long enough for JoAnne's surprise.

JoAnne Colbert-Gunn: "Hi Sherita."
Sherita Roberts: "Hello, how are you?"

We follow the ladies inside and let JoAnne explain why she brought a camera crew to Sherita's home.

JoAnne Colbert-Gunn: "I know your special needs child Damien needs some things for his room, so I want you to stretch your hand out, as God has blessed me thru the TV station to bless you, so if you could just stick your hand out, $100."
Sherita Roberts: "Oh my God!"
JoAnne Colbert-Gunn: "$200. $300, and I just want to tell you how much I love you."
Sherita Roberts: "Love you too."
JoAnne Colbert-Gunn: "And keep doing what you do for your children. I know it's hard at times but it's going to be okay."
Sherita Roberts: "I love you, thank you."
JoAnne Colbert-Gunn: "You're welcome."

Sherita took us to Damien's room. He and nurse, Anita, are getting ready for one of his five daily tube feedings; nurses spend 16 hours a day with Damien. His premature birth has affected vital organs, more tubes help with breathing, and his immune system is weakened.

"He so easy to catch a cold, last time he was in the hospital two months," Anita said.

Most days Sherita says he's a busy boy who likes jumping out of his bed. He loves kindergarten, loves his siblings, and loves to smile.

"He just doesn't talk," she said.

Mom says they're especially thankful for their kindhearted friend.

"She's a blessing. It blessed us for Christmas," Sherita said.

For JoAnne, giving is a very personal mission.

JoAnne Colbert-Gunn: "My sister committed suicide and if someone could have been there to help her she would be here today, so from that day forth, I had to do something for someone."
Sabrina Squire: "And every day?"
JoAnne Colbert-Gunn: "Every day."

No matter how small, she says, to someone it might make a big difference.

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