Chesterfield elementary student's touchdown dream

David Flynt
David Flynt

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CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - In every level of football a touchdown is worth six points, but sometimes it's worth much more than that. On a cool night in Chesterfield County, a young man with cerebral palsy saw his touchdown dream come true.

From a distance this singular football play does not look like much. One player scoring a touchdown in what seems like slow motion, but to understand the emotion of this play you need to know the story.

This is 13-year-old David Flynt. David loves football even though he can't play.

"When we do our warm-ups he does what he can. When we need balls or tees he's there," said Woolridge Wildcat's Head Couch Greg Kohler.

"He's been through a lot, when he was 4 or 5, they didn't think he was going to be able to walk without assistance. Now he's pretty mobile," said Brad Flynt, David's father.

"He's a really special part of our team. He keeps us up," explained Wildcat Quarterback Chris Sheets.

"I keep my teammates hyped during the game even if we're getting killed, which happens a lot it seems," David said.

David's right. In his fifth year as manager and play-by-play announcer, the Wildcats weren't having their best season. And they were concluding their year, against Clover Hill, the dominant school in their league. The Wildcat coaching staff knew winning was probably out of the question, so they came up with another idea.

"Our hope was to get him in for a play. Like I said, if we could get him in on a kickoff - put him into a position where he wasn't going to be in danger and just let everybody know, we would have satisfied with that," Kohler said.

"Me and the other coaches, we decided, let's do one better. Why don't let David score a touchdown." said Clover Hill Head Coach Tim Gallagher.

"Before the game when we were warming up, I was standing around with my mouth guard in and my helmet on. A very hot outfit, I might add because I had never been in it before," said David.

"[We] set up a play call War Eagle and it's basically, we formed a cocoon around David and handed him the ball and went right up the middle," said Kohler.

"I don't think there was a dry eye," said Gallagher. "The kids decided among themselves they wanted to give David a game ball. We hadn't given out a game ball all year."

"I when that happened, it made me feel really good. I felt like I did something good that day," said Sal Sadoti, Clover Hill Running Back.

"I'm not one to take publicity for myself, but it felt pretty good to do that," David noted.

"Ten years from now, they're not going to remember who won the game, but they'll remember David Flynt's touchdown," Gallagher stated.

At 13, David all ready has his career and college path all planned out. He wants to go to Syracuse University to be a sportscaster.

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