Dog license changes proposed in Hanover

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HANOVER, VA (WWBT) – Right now if you live in Hanover County and have a dog, then you would have to get it licensed every year. A proposal on the table would change when you had to do that, and how long you could do it for.

We found Cynthia Harris enjoying a morning out with her dog Hershey. She has 3 more animals at home--and says that's a lot to keep up with. She's excited about the county's proposal to change the way dogs are licensed.

Right now, you pay $6 and a license runs for a year from the time you get it. Changes would create a calendar year schedule, so everyone would renew in January, and there would be options to purchase a license for longer at a discount. One year would be $6, two years $11 and 3 years $15.

"I think it would be great just so you don't have to worry about getting one every year," said Harris. "I would think that people would be all for it; you know $15 for three years and then you don't have to worry about it."

Debba Hicks agrees when it comes to her dog Zoe. She says the savings don't matter as much as the convenience.

"We have so many dates and things, if it is based on a calendar year, that's great, that's one less thing," Hicks said. "You figure it's just like with your driver's license, something like that. It makes it one less thing that you have to worry about every year and plus you save a little bit."

To maintain public safety, you would still be required to show a rabies certificate, but vaccinations are usually valid now for three years anyway. County leaders say this proposal is designed to simplify the overall process and help everyone keep up. An easier process might also encourage everyone to follow the rules.

"Right now I'm sure there are pet owners that don't license and should because that's another source of income coming into the cities or counties," Hicks said.

You can tell the county what you think about this idea later this month. If adopted, it would take effect in January. The public hearing on these proposed changes will be held at the November 23 board of supervisors meeting. It will start at 6pm inside the county administration building.

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