George Allen factual error caught by Politifact Virginia

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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Campaign 2012 is still about two years away, but we are already putting the potential candidates under the microscope in today's Politifact Virginia report.

Former governor and senator George Allen is seriously considering a challenge to the man that ousted him from office, Senator Jim Webb, in 2012.

Allen is criss-crossing the Commonwealth of Virginia meeting with Republican groups and giving interviews on a number of topics.

He is also become a prominent voice in opposition to President Barack Obama's administration and its policies.

In a recent editorial in the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Allen made the following claim:

"People are rightfully riled by bailouts of failed automobile manufacturers, health care dictates, energy restrictions, and the unprecedented expansion of government spending and dangerous debt -- nearly $6 trillion more than when President Obama was sworn into office."

It's that last figure, $6 trillion in additional debt since President Obama took office, that we took looked at closely.

According the reporters at the Times-Dispatch, that claim is false. Not quite pants on fire, but wrong nonetheless.

According to the Office of Management and Budget, the United States debt was $10.6 trillion when President Obama took office.

Today it is $13.7 trillion, three trillion more, but not quite as much as Allen claimed.

According Times-Dispatch reporter Wesley Hester, Allen got his figures from a CBS News report.

"It talked about the future debt, the way Allen couched his claim though was in the future tense, saying the debt had already reached $6 trillion, so what we found when we went to the CBS News Report was that it would reach $6 trillion in two years, and that is a little bit different," according to Hester.

A projection is different than what is happening right now, therefore the false ruling stands.

And you can see the full details behind this report on and in this weekend's Richmond Times-Dispatch.  You can also see each www.PolitifactVirginia report on

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