Short Pump family finds 6 foot boa constrictor

By Tara Morgan - bio | email

HENRICO COUNTY, VA (WWBT) - A surprise, and gruesome find for a Short Pump family, a boa constrictor in their car! The snake made its way up and around the rear passenger wheel well, possibly looking for a warm place to stay. But it didn't survive the cold or the ride when Mark Beemer returned home from an evening dinner meeting.

It was first thought Beemer had a mechanical problem with his car. A co-worker following him to a restaurant Wednesday night tipped him off.

"He just said there's something hanging down from your car; either a break system tube, or pipe, or electrical connection, or wire," said Beemer.

But that wasn't the case at all! When Beemer later pulled into his driveway, he hopped out for a peak.

"I took the flashlight and shined it back behind the tire," said Beemer.

He couldn't believe he'd found a dead boa constrictor.

"I went in and got gloves on and reached behind the tire and started pulling on the head and pulled the whole thing out," said Beemer.

I want to give you an idea of just how long this boa is. Now, I'm about 5 foot 7, the snake is just over 6 feet.

Henrico Animal Control didn't get any calls about a missing boa. They picked up this one for disposal. It was likely someone's pet that either escaped or was dumped.

"The car was parked all day at the office at Innsbrook. We ordered lunch. The car was sitting there all day. Evidently it crawled up there because it was warm," said Beemer.

It's now the talk of Beemer's neighborhood and work. He brought in pictures to prove it.

"I said, 'here's that electrical wire or the break line that was hanging down.' They all looked at it and said, 'wow it's a snake,'" Beemer said.

People can legally own boa constrictors in Virginia, but it is against the law to dump a snake like that into the wild. Game officials say if you own a pet boa or exotic snake and can't keep it any longer, return it to the pet store where you bought it.

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