Mount Herman Road speeders concern Hanover residents

By Sunni Blevins - bio | email

HANOVER, VA (WWBT) - A Hanover county man called 12 worried about speeding in his neighborhood.  He's concerned about cars driving along Mount Herman Road near the town of Ashland.

NBC12 ran radar ourselves on two different days, so we could check out the speeding situation first hand. The Sheriff's Office now says it's taking a closer look.

NBC12 clocked a number of cars along Mount Herman Road at North Oaks Drive and found many drivers going faster than the posted 40 miles per hour speed limit.

Ernest Terry has lived on here for about 40 years and says we weren't able to capture the full story.  He claims people consistently drive 50 and even 60 along that curvy road.

"I walk out here also and when I see a car coming, I get in the ditch," Terry said.

Terry filed a complaint with the Sheriff's Office, but felt his concerns weren't taken seriously.

"I think they figure one person doing all this is not benefiting everybody," he said.

A Lieutenant in charge of speed enforcement said that's not the case. Deputies ran radar here in the spring but didn't stop enough cars to warrant further action.

A spokesperson says the department takes speeding complaints seriously though, and it is now revisiting the issue. Trouble is, it's a tough battle.

The speed enforcement office gets complaints about every single road in the county.

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