K-9 rescue leader receives $300

By Sabrina Squire - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – Today we're passing on three hundred dollars to a woman who's been saving lives the past twenty five years.  She's rescued hundreds of dogs, giving them food, shelter, tending to their vet needs and finding them loving homes. Her small volunteer K-9 rescue company is the recipient of this week's "Acts of Kindness."

Becky Meade is excited to have her family over. Her canine clan includes: 3-year-old "Iggy", the pug found nearly starving outside; one year old siblings "Johnny" and "Cash;" "Tink" who was adopted as a pup, then returned; and "Cody."

"Cody was an owner surrender who was going to be euthanized," said Becky.

Becky's home is the headquarters for Angel Dogs Rescue and Transport, Inc., ADRATI for short.

"They're loving and sweet and they have everything to offer," Becky stated.

These volunteers, with help from other dog friendly businesses, rescue abandoned, abused, unwanted dogs.

"We're really small but we fight really hard for those little souls," she said.

Angel Dogs are vetted, groomed, trained and readied for adoption.

"They've lost their family once or maybe they never had a family and we want them to have a lifetime family," Becky said.

Volunteer Vicky Heath wanted me to know Angel Dogs has found homes for hundreds of dogs. She calls Becky the operation's head Angel.

"She deserves this act of kindness because out of the goodness of her heart she spends all of her spare time for these dogs, she has a full time job and every spare moment that she has she spends with these animals," said Vicky.

Sabrina Squire: "Vicky I have 100, 200, 300 dollars for your animal loving angel Becky."
Vicky Heath: "She is that."
Sabrina Squire: "Beautiful."

We set out to surprise Becky at her office, Cox Concrete where she works as an accountant. Almost as soon as Becky came out to greet us, the tears came down.

Vicky Heath: "I knew this was going to happen...because you save so many lives and you're selfless and giving and we just appreciate everything you do, and if I could stop crying long enough I want to present you with this for your acts of kindness. It's 100, 200,300 dollars and a little tip from me."
Becky Meade: "Thanks you so much."
Vicky Heath: "I just thank you for everything you do for us and for the animals, I know they're your life and we really appreciate you hon." 
Becky Meade: "We do, we try really hard. We're small but I think we make a difference."

Becky says the cash is critical for her non profit's expenses.

Becky Meade: "Veterinary bills. It's our biggest expense."
Sabrina Squire: "How big?"
Becky Meade: "It's massive."

She couldn't make it she says without her loyal animal loving friends.

"You know that it means a lot to you, but it's when you have people like this who help you, and support you that's what allows you to keep doing this and keep going," Becky said.

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