Hopewell teen arrested for attacking man on sex offender registry

Daniel Narron
Daniel Narron

By Ryan Nobles - bio | email

HOPEWELL, VA (WWBT) - It's not often we report that a sex offender is a "victim" but that is exactly what happened in Hopewell. Police say a group of men targeted someone listed on the sex offender registry -- harassed him -- and tried to kill him.

The sex offender registry lists the personal information of thousands of people convicted of sex crimes. But just because that information is out there, that doesn't give you a licence to pick people out to give them a hard time.

A teenager is facing a series of very serious charges after he attacked a man, that police say he found on the sex offender registry.

It happened almost a month ago, outside a convenience store in Hopewell.

19-year-old Daniel Narron and three other men approached the victim as he walked into a local convenience store. They harassed him as he was walking into the store.

Police say the victim tried to get away from Narron, on his Moped, but the suspect then got into a Lincoln Navigator and chased him to an intersection and ran into him.

That intersection was near the corner of Atlantic Street and Hill Avenue, in Hopewell. The victim claims Narron hit him and then took off.

As a result the suspect has been charged with four serious crimes, including attempted murder, aggravated malicious wounding by a mob,  and misuse of the sex offender registry.

Even though the incident took place in mid-October, Narron wasn't arrested until November 5.

He spent last weekend in jail before being arraigned Monday morning.

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