UR students fighting back

By Evrod Cassimy – bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – Some University of Richmond students are turning the tables and attacking the attacker! This comes after several intruders have found their way into several female students' bedrooms!

You might remember last month we told you about the so called "Tickler" intruder. There was also a similar incident reported in September on campus as well. These recent incidents have gotten the attention of all students on campus, especially the female students.

The university has always offered a women's self defense class, but now more than ever this class is necessary. These girls are doing everything to make sure they are protecting themselves. After reports of a few attacks on the University of Richmond campus, female students are fighting back. They're taking part in a women's self defense class led by University Police in efforts to protect themselves in case an attacker strikes.

"We teach escapes from basic holds," said University of Richmond Police Officer Paul Witten. "Wrist grabs, headlocks, things of that nature. Bear hugs. We finish the class off with a demonstration."

This class is open for just female students, but they let us in to give us a glimpse of how they'd fend off an attacker entering their home late at night. These girls were pretty tougher!

"I feel like now I'd be able to use the techniques that we learned to at least get away from the situation not necessarily hurt the attacker but be able to get away to a safe place and run away from them," said U of R junior, Sarah Vinall.

And if an attacker out there is thinking about messing with these students they've got one message for them.

"Bring it on!" said Vinall.

Of course the officers couldn't show us everything they teach because these defense techniques are for women only. Don't worry, you don't have to be a student to attend. For class information, just contact University of Richmond Police, their number is 289-8715.

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