Richmond begins leaf collection, warns about towing

By Gene Petriello - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The City of Richmond has begun its annual leaf collection schedule on time, despite the rain last week. However, there is a warning you'll want to pay attention to when you see the city come to your neighborhood.

There are big no parking signs posted when your street is about to be cleaned. That means, you must follow the signs there posted until they come down and the leaves are gone from your side of the street.

Bright and early this cold Monday morning, Thomas Jackson is out raking the hundreds of leaves off his front yard.

"I'm trying to get a head start. I'm off today the leaf people will be here Thursday so I'm off Wednesday and I'll have it ready for them," Jackson said.

A head start in deed. But, he's also planning on raking some of his neighbors yards too.

All of it just like clockwork, so when the vacuum comes by sucking up the leaves, all of his hard work is paid off.

It's something the city does every year here in Richmond. "We know people look forward to it once the leaves start falling. They can't wait for the left collection to start. So, we are anxious to get out there and get moving on this," says Sharon North with the City of Richmond.

The start of this massive undertaking was almost delayed by the rain last week. But, the leaves dried up enough so this vacuum could do its job.

But beware, anytime it rains...or dare we say, snow... the leaf collection must stop until the leaves dry. So the city's plan to get to every neighborhood in the next three months, might be extended. The city will also be doing a second rotation of its cycle when the first rotation is done.

Another thing to watch out for are the no parking signs. They are up, telling you when the city will tow your car, if you get in their way. And they mean business. Last year, there were some problems throughout the city. City leaders are prepared for any this year, too.

It might be a parking headache, but Thomas sees the bright side. "It's probably gonna be hectic. But, as they do one side you can park on the other side so it shouldn't be that bad."

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