All lanes open after water main break on W. Broad St.

By: Laura Geller - bio | email

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - For much of the day Saturday all of the westbound lanes on West Broad Street between Dominion Boulevard and Old Sadler Road were closed due to a water main break.

Water gushed from the ground for at least five hours before Henrico Public Utilities workers could shut off the valve.

Around 5:30 Saturday morning Henrico officers driving through the area noticed the water on the road.

They tried to keep one lane of traffic open, but when a large dump truck rolled through, the pavement started to give way.

"This is an underground water main break," said Henrico Police Lt. Hank Smith. "It's unknown how much of the dirt or support structure of the roadway has been washed away which is what's causing the road to buckle."

They decided a complete closure and traffic detours were necessary.

Stan Jones hit the traffic jam on his way to the gym.

"I saw the cones when I got to the light and I thought: what's going on?" he said.

People who tried to avoid the road closure on West Broad took a detour down Old Sadler Road and got turned around again.

"I'm frustrated because I'm trying to figure out how to get around it," said Jones.

After the water cleared, Jones is questioning what else could go wrong.

"If there's that level of infrastructure problem, you know, what does it say about the whole region in terms of what we need to do to address it," he said. "I am concerned about are we going to see these kinds of issues."

Henrico Police are trying to look on the bright side.

"At least it's not on a Monday morning or a weekday morning when people are trying to get to and from work," said Lt. Smith.

Henrico Public Utilities had to shut off the water to the three closest businesses.

We're told no homes were affected.

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