New rules at RIR

By Evrod Cassimy – bio | email

HENRICO (WWBT) – Here's a story for all you Nascar fans -- Richmond International Raceway is changing the rules on what "you" can bring into the track! And they tell us it's actually an effort to save you money. Fans have been asking for it and track leaders are listening. These new rules will actually allow you to bring more food and drink into the track, and make fewer trips to the concession stands. Fans can now bring in larger coolers and bags to carry more food and drinks.

"We understand that the fans support our business," said RIR spokesperson, Lauri Wilks. "They're the number one reason we're in business. It's our job to provide the best experience possible. This is something that they want."

Wilks explained that the change was partly to help ease financial difficulties for families and allow them to bring in more of their own food. Fans of the sport couldn't be happier.

"That's good!" said Nascar fan, Ronald Martin. "You don't have to bring in so many little ones!"

Just to give you an idea as to what you can now bring in to the Racetrack, coolers can be a little bit larger this time. (14x14x14.) And now you can bring in any type of bag as opposed to just clear ones before.

These new changes of course mean increased security at the racetrack. Fan safety is the reason these guidelines are there in the first place.

"We're going to have to be checking bags and coolers at the gate," said Wilks. "We are not changing any of those security precautions. We are still very very acute to the security threats that face our events."

The coolers must be soft sided. Hard ones, or ones with wheels will be turned away.

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