Recording industry tips off police about fake CD sales

By Evrod Cassimy - bio | email
Posted by Iva Radman – email

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, VA (WWBT) - New information about a counterfeit goods arrest from Saturday. We've learned that Chesterfield Police were actually tipped off by the Recording Industry Association of America.

You might know someone who burns or sells bootleg movies and music, but Chesterfield Police are cracking down. Just this past weekend, eleven people were arrested at the Bellwood Flea Market on Jefferson Davis Highway, accused of selling counterfeit CDs.

The flea market owners tell us a handful of vendors were targeted for selling fake CDs there. Chesterfield police busted them after an investigation at the Bellwood Flea Market that led to the discovery of 30,000 counterfeit items, including CDs and DVDs.

Across the street from the flea market, Maya Jeanette was embarrassed at first to admit she's been on the receiving end of this type of crime. She was quick, however, to speak up when she heard about the recent arrests.

"They have other crimes out here worse than people making CDs. They got child molesters out here, murderers out here that are still walking around," Jeanette says.

Some people say the Bellwood Flea Market is a known nuisance for this type of crime. Chesterfield Police tell us that whenever they find counterfeit activity, it could lead to the discovery of other crimes, including drug use.

The recording industry tipped off police because it has had problems with people illegally copying Latin music across the country. This investigation is still ongoing.

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