Hanover crossing guard, school bus hit by car

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HANOVER, VA (WWBT) - Hanover County school bus 265 was hit by a car Thursday morning. A front mirror was unbolted and one of the headlights was smashed. The license plate was bent and that yellow stick, the cross guard that comes out front, fell off.

Liberty Middle School seventh grader Robin Tester is now afraid to board a bus. "I'm just scared that our bus is going to get hit, like the other bus."

Her mom Lori is just as scared.

"It might have been an empty bus, but you know- what would have happened if it was a bus load of kids," said Lori Kirby.

Around 8:20 Thursday morning a female crossing guard was trying to stop traffic at the intersection of Route 54 and Liberty School road so a bus could pull out. If the wet roads didn't slow you down, the flashing school zone lights would have. On top of that, the crossing guard was flashing her lights, blowing a whistle and wearing bright safety gear. Yet the driver still didn't slow down.

Investigators say the car plowed into the bus, then slammed into the woman. The car then spun into another vehicle.

"Right now we don't have any indication of excessive speed," said Hanover Sheriff's Department Captain Mike Trice.

He says there's a crossing guard at the intersection Monday thru Friday. People should know what to expect.

"Once you enter a school zone you should be prepared to maybe come upon a crossing guard," said Trice. "That's why those lights are flashing."

Lori and Robin have never met the crossing guard, but they can't believe the woman who's protected them for four years couldn't even protect herself.

"Just let her know that we're all praying for her," said Kirby.

The driver of the vehicle and the crossing guard were both taken to the hospital. They're both expected to recover.

Hanover sheriff's deputies ticketed the driver of the car for reckless driving.

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