Leaves on the road days before Richmond cleanup begins

By Gene Petriello - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Starting on Monday, the City of Richmond will begin its vacuum leaf collection. But today, the rain is coming down and the leaves are piling up.

The City can not do anything today to clean up the leaves with the vacuum because the leaves are wet. Plus, it wasn't in the plans to start any work until Monday. Now, that's all weather permitting.

So that leaves drivers like Kiesha Martin dodging an accident.

"I make sure there are not a lot of leaves over puddles because they are coming down. I don't want to hydroplane," said Martin.

Other drivers have similar plans.

"Extra precautions. If I see them I'm going to change lanes!" said Gladys Yates.

Hopefully, you will only have to deal with the leaf-filled roadways for a little bit longer. That's because the city plans on starting to collect these leaves on Monday.

But if the leaves are still wet then, the machine could break. That means a wrench could be thrown into the city's plan.

"It can change when the weather doesn't cooperate. So, we are keeping a close eye on the weather this weekend," said Sharon North, with Richmond Dept. of Public Works.

So if it's dry enough, the city will do it's work. But before that, you need to help them out to make sure problems like clogged drains, don't hamper the clean up.

"The leaves are not supposed to go in the streets or gutters. You just bring them out to the property line and stack them up there," said North.

The city will come to your neighborhood twice between now and early next year. Something many people, like Kiesha are looking forward to.

If you have any questions, you can call Richmond's leaf hotline at 646-LEAF.

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