Crooks "recycling" stolen items in Church Hill for cash

By Evrod Cassimy – bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Church Hill residents are on the lookout for thieves trying to recycle their personal property and turn it in to profit. It happened to James Flanigan. He tells NBC12 two bath tubs he was planning to install in his home were stolen from his backyard.

"It made me angry," said Flanigan. "You're trying to rebuild a neighborhood. You're trying to put historic value back in your home and people don't have any respect for your property."

Flanigan called around to several local scrap yards and found that one did have his stolen tubs. He believes the person that stole them sold them to a recycler hoping to make some quick cash.

The Church Hill website has this article posted on it alerting residents of this suspicious recycling problem. They're encouraging everyone not just to look out for their own personal property but for everyone else's in the neighborhood as well. The article reads: report these people! Call 911 immediately! We as residents have no way of ascertaining whether these are criminals, spotters or whatever. This is a time for neighbors to work together.

Flanigan has his own idea though as to how to keep this from happening again.

"There are a variety of ways to protect your personal items," said Flanigan. "The constitution allows for a lot of those. That and keeping your property locked up."

Flanigan tells us he filed a police report about his stolen tubs but Richmond Police have no record of this crime happening. The Church Hill website encourages residents to call 911 then their crime watch number if you see this type of suspicious recycling happening. That number is 648-2710.

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