Radioactive water found near Louisa power plant

By Melissa Correa - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) – Dominion says that radioactive water found in a groundwater sample is not a health hazard. It didn't leak into Lake Anna. You shouldn't be worried.

Sally Hansel isn't about to start panicking over a sample of radioactive water.

"I have no reason to be concerned," explained Sally Hansel.

Living along Lake Anna for 25 year, she's heard stories about the effects of the nuclear plant.

"When I first started to come to the lake they said don't eat the fish from the warm side because it glows and you'll glow at night," said Hansel. "I don't believe that stuff."

Dominion reports twice this year it's found radioactive tritium in groundwater near Lake Anna. The material is produced in nuclear reactors. Dominion's Louisa plant has two reactors. While the levels are higher than normal. They aren't enough to warrant a report, but Dominion alerted the nuclear regulatory commission anyway.

"That's what they do," said Hansel. "They don't wait until it's out of control or too late to worry about it."

Jerry Herbert wishes he heard about this from Dominion and not us.

(Do you think you need to know even though it's not a health hazard?) "Yeah," explained Herbert. "It's just common courtesy I would think."

The bottled-water drinking Herbert lives in Spotsylvania county which also borders Lake Anna.

"I will continue to drink bottled water. That's the way it is," he said.

Dominion reports only one groundwater test site tested positive for the radioactive material. State and Federal regulators were notified.

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