Problems at the polls early Election Day quickly fixed

By Gene Petriello - bio | email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - Problems at the polls this morning throughout the Metro Richmond area have been fixed, but not after some voters were frustrated this morning.

The voters are coming out in much higher numbers than expected for this midterm election.

But no ballots were cast at Bethia United Methodist Church for about 45 minutes this morning. That location is in Chesterfield in the Winterpock District.

That's because both of these laptops that ave your registration information on it would not boot up. It left not only you the voters, but poll leaders frustrated too.

"They never got to the point of what we call the heartbeat, which gets us to the point where we are ready to log in voters," says Winterpock Poll Chief Ramona Jacobs.

Eventually one laptop started working. The second one came online not too long after that. "I'm sure there were some machine concerns, as we as human error," says Jacobs.

Meanwhile, we caught up with voter Janis Horne in Hanover County at Laurel Meadow Elementary School.

"It went fine. Everything went smoothly," says Horne.

But, it was a different story for her husband. "Oh yeah! He was here earlier this morning and the machine was not working. Apparently they got it fixed."

We found out that a scanning machine was the culprit. A replacement that scans in your ballots was working fine. But, for three hours before that, the original machine was not working.

Voters had to fill out their ballots and those ballots were then placed in a secure location. Once the working scanner arrived, all the votes were tallied.

Kathy Alward's husband vote included. "That was my expectation and I certainly expected that to be the case so I'm glad to hear that."

We also discovered minor problems in Richmond and Powhatan polling spots that were quickly fixed.

Chesterfield leaders say it will take a couple of days to figure out what happened this morning in Winterpock. We are told there was no paper registration list at that location, but there was a list at the Chesterfield headquarters that could be brought over to Winterpock if the problem persisted through the morning.

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