UPDATE: Tow truck driver, woman struck on I-95 in hit and run

Robyn Silcox
Robyn Silcox
T.K. Loving
T.K. Loving

By Tara Morgan - bio | email

CAROLINE, VA (WWBT) - A man and a woman, who were hit while standing on the side of Interstate 95, can't believe the person who slammed into them never stopped! This unfolded over the weekend in Caroline county, between the Ladysmith and Thornburg exits.

A tow truck driver's instincts saved two lives early Sunday morning. His own and a woman he was helping. Both were nailed by a driver who kept right on going up Interstate 95.

T.K. Loving, 36, won't be walking anytime soon. His ankle is broken in several places and Achilles tendon torn. Robyn Silcox, 20, had a compound fracture to her arm.

"I saw the headlights and I heard the rumble strip, and I grabbed her like this, and threw her like that," said Loving, of Anytime Towing.

It was about 4:00 a.m. Sunday morning on Interstate 95 in Caroline County. Silcox's friend had transmission problems. Loving got the call to give them a tow. But just as he finished loading his flatbed truck, a driver plowed into them, even though his amber warning lights were flashing.

"They never stopped... never slowed down," said Loving.

Witnesses believe it was a dark blue, newer model Volkswagen Jetta or Passat. It now has a missing passenger side mirror.

"Had he not moved me out of the way I would not be here right now," said Silcox.

Loving was thrown underneath his truck and the injury to his leg was so bad that he had to crawl the length of his truck to get to a safer place to call 911 only to find out someone already did.

Both Loving and Silcox will need surgery. Silcox says she hopes the driver will have the decency to come forward.

"I kind of want to know who has the gall to leave a scene like that without stopping to see if we're okay or needed help," said Silcox.

The hit and run driver was in a dark blue either Chevrolet Cobalt or Pontiac G5 with significant damage to its passenger side. The car will also be missing its side mirror.

If you have information that could help, call state police at 804-633-6799.

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